Welcome to MHSFPI

The Massachusetts High School Football Prospect Information (MHSFPI) is a football-recruiting manual. MHSFPI has been in operation since 1989. Under the direction of Richard Davis and Bob Bancroft, every high school football coach in the state of Massachusetts is contacted. The coaches are asked to submit information about their current juniors that would be of interest to college recruiters—height, weight, position, GPA, etc. The information is entered into a database and printed into a manual that is extremely useful to college recruiters with their recruiting efforts in Massachusetts. MHSFPI is considered one of the best recruiting manuals in the country.

What is our goal?

1. To compile all prospect information in one book (similar to what other states do) to make recruiting in this state more efficient for the colleges.

2. To reduce the amount of time high school coaches have to spend filling out recruiting cards.

3. To raise money for the Shriners Hospital.

Upcoming Events


Date: TBA

Thank you for a wonderful 2016 Combine. The 2016 results will be provided to colleges and to the participants. The following tests were conducted: height, weight, 40 yard dash, shuttle run, L-drill, and bench press
(185 lb.)

The 2017 football combine will be held at Gillette Stadium, with the results being provided to colleges and to the participants.

From the sales of the MHSFPI manual and the 2016 combine turnout, we have donated $10,000 to the Shriners Hospital. We are looking forward to increasing this number with the 2017 manual and combine.